From the platform, Nancy instantly captures hearts and imaginations. No one escapes Nancy’s contagious enthusiasm or remains unmoved by her rock-solid faith in God and His Word. Your group will laugh and cry and take home life-changing truths. An evening, day or weekend with Nancy yields lasting joy for the journey.

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Listen to Nancy’s Speaking and Singing Samples:

Suggested topics listed below will be tailored to your particular audience, time considerations, and special needs. Please feel free to request a special topic.

NEW! UNSTUCK and Moving Forward
Have project that’s been hanging over your head for w-a-y too long? Want to accomplish something but you’re not exactly sure how to get started OR you know just what to do but can’t find the motivation to get started? God specially designs us and equips us with just the right resources at just the right time to fit His Kingdom plans. Learn Biblical methods to get UNSTUCK and both godly and practical ways to move forward, no matter how large or small the goal. If God’s calling you to do it, it can be done – and Nancy can show you how to get UNSTUCK and Moving Forward! (single or multiple sessions, for women or mixed groups, booklet included)

Talk Easy, Listen Hard – Real Communication for Really Different People
We are each wired with a unique combination of personality traits, thinking patterns, and love languages—which is why trying to connect with each other can sometimes feel like beating your head against a brick wall. Nancy’s uplifting and practical lessons help you tackle communication barriers, not the other person! Certified personality trainer and professional educator, Nancy delivers light-bulb moments, plenty of laughs, and lots of pertinent, practical information to strengthen your relationships via effective communication. (single or multiple sessions – can be modified for women, couples, educators, etc.)

HeartHope4Women – Discovering Godly Self Care 
Exhausted from a never ending to-do list? Shouldering too many responsibilities for too many other people? Are you holding your breath, hoping nothing else goes wrong, falls apart or needs your time or money to fix? You take care of everyone else – who takes care of you? You need a little nurturing from Someone special. Nancy will share the meaning behind Jesus’ words: “Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest…Learn the unforced rhythms of grace…learn to live freely and lightly” Matthew 11:29-30 (MSG). Along with lessons from her own life and principles from the Word, Nancy will teach you how to breathe, clear your plate of unnecessary clutter, and go home rested and ready to continue God’s Kingdom work.  (single or multiple sessions)

De-Stress with Fearless Faith – Discover a Source of Power, Passion and Peace
What if you lose your job? Might your daughter be pregnant? Do you think your husband may leave you? Will your doctor say you have an incurable disease? Learn how to live with fearless faith and be unafraid regardless of your life situations! Nancy shares from 2 Timothy 1:7 three remedies to fearful fretting: confidence in God, compassion for others, and control for wandering minds. Breathe, love and live with great freedom and joy! (single or multiple sessions)

Seeing God – The Secret to a Life of Joy!
Does God feel distant? Are your prayers hitting the ceiling? Does God really care about you as an individual? So many times we so intently look for God where we want Him to work, and we miss Him working in other areas of our lives. Learn 10 practical ways to begin looking for God and really seeing Him, based on Scripture and true life experiences. (single session)

Spiritually Single Moms – Hope for a Divided Home
Featured on Focus on the Family with Dr. James Dobson
Every mom experiences exhaustion and stress. Spiritually single moms are tired, stressed—and lonely! Whether dad is antagonistic toward God or just plain apathetic when it comes to spiritual things, if he isn’t on the same page with you it can hurt. From personal experience and her book, Nancy shares six specific factors that help you thrive in this stressful situation. Don’t settle for mere survival—raise your spiritual standard of living. Nancy will equip you to stand strong while you bless your husband and children—and in so doing, glorify God! (single session)

Showing Jesus to Your Kids – Savvy Spiritual Strategies for Moms
In this fast-paced, high-tech, task-oriented society, how do kids find God? Moms need to actively show Jesus to their children—making Him personal—not just passively teach them about God. Nancy shows you how to personally see and know God, so you can introduce Him to your kids in passionate ways that flow naturally out of life situations. Learn five practical ways to connect your children with the Savior—at any age, in any home, under any circumstances. Your kids won’t be able to resist God! (single session)

Grab Your Ladder! – Powerful Hope For Down Days
Feeling down? Stuck in an emotional abyss? Learn how to rise above life’s daily challenges with a teacher who has her black belt in JOY! This biblical how-to session will captivate you with it’s simplicity—you can teach it to a child—but the application will accompany you through a lifetime of trials and make each day more hopeful. Discover the fastest way to soar above your circumstances and live victoriously! Going up, anyone? (single session)

You Are So Beautiful – Reflecting Jesus Inside and Out
Do you feel beautiful? Did you look gorgeous in the mirror this morning? Not even supermodels look and feel beautiful 100% of the time. Is it time for a makeover? After all, we Christian girls need to attract people to the Savior who lives within us! Based on Psalm 139, Nancy unwraps God’s beautiful, unique, original design for each participant’s life. You are a one-of-a-kind, both inside and out. How can you maximize God’s gifts to you? (four-session event, includes fashion show)

In Tune With God  – Stop, Look & Listen to the Conductor
Did you take music lessons as a child? Do you enjoy a beautiful symphony or a little country western music now and then? Is your life a little out of tune lately? Perhaps you feel like you’re not keeping up with the tempo of daily living. You don’t need to be a musician to enjoy the truths in this session that help you find and follow God’s will for your life. Our God is the Grand Concert Master of the Universe. Come and learn to play your part under His delightful directing. (single or multiple sessions)

Some of Nancy’s topics may include any or all of the following: group discussion worksheets, devotionals, game and craft ideas, as well as decoration and theme suggestions. Also a professional musician, Nancy often uses songs during presentations in order to move intellectual truths from head to heart and seal them to a life forever. Please keep this in mind when considering music for your event. Highly organized, timely, and committed to excellence, Nancy makes your job as an event-planner less stressful and more rewarding.