“The thing I love about Nancy is her passion. She has a deep passion for God’s Word and delivering His message of hope, truth and love to God’s people. Open your heart and mind to what she will share and it will change your life. You’re going to love her—my friend and God’s servant, Nancy Sebastian Kuch.” —Babbie Mason, Award-winning Singer, Songwriter and Recording Artist, Talk-Show Host, and Author

“A positive and effervescent spirit flows from the heart and life of Nancy Sebastian Kuch. Gifted by the Lord with both musical talent and communication skills, she has a humble, yet contagious spirit that shines through in her work and ministry. Her commitment to excellence and her love and loyalty to Jesus Christ is unquestioned. As a writer, singer, and teacher, she combines her talents into a symphony of praise for Jesus Christ. Experienced as a teacher in the classroom and performer on the platform, Nancy seeks to obey and serve the Lord with all her heart, mind, and soul.” —Dr. Gilbert Peterson, Past President of Lancaster Bible College

“Nancy is a woman who is extremely teachable, sensitive to the heart of God and excitedly ready to apply and share with others what God is teaching her. Her music and message stir hearts towards Jesus.” —Rev. Jay Diller, Auburn, Washington

“Nancy Kuch is like a breath of fresh air—she replenishes our souls with her words and music.” —Pat Cawood Graybill, Philadelphia Biblical University Community Bible Teacher

Conference and Workshop Participants:
PJS9320-R01-009-3“I was moved to tears countless times because I no longer felt alone.”
“Nancy taught me how to hope again through the truth in God’s Word.”
“God met me in my unforgiveness & helped me release it in obedience today.”
“I have a new zeal for giving my children spiritual guidance by the life I live.”
“God set me free from ‘stinkin’ thinkin’’ that has plagued me since I was eight years old.”
“I have never felt a personal sense of identification with a teacher as much as I do with Nancy.”
“I was sorry for the conference to come to an end, as my appetite for the truth hungered for more.”

“Nancy gave me the courage to dig into my problems and start to work through them.”
“We received practical exercises that we can go home and apply immediately.”

“Nancy’s speaking is packed with valuable wisdom and practical applications that have drawn me into a renewed and refreshed relationship with God.  Her transparency into her own struggles allows me to feel safe and comfortable.” —Kristine

“I lost my unsaved mother at age eleven, and I’ve always felt ill-equipped to be a mom. Nancy changed that for me. She is a godly woman who speaks truth and encourages by example.” —Missy

“Thanks for sharing your heart and desire to be the woman God desires! There is hope for me. I know He is growing me into something beautiful. The refining fire can get pretty hot, but I know He is there. God bless you and your ministry to women and families! I will keep you in my prayers.” – Email from Barb in Wisconsin

“I heard your interview on Midday Connection. Thank you for sharing your life. I needed to hear what you had to say. Lately the Lord has brought me to the Scripture you quoted in Timothy about the spirit of fear verses power, love and self-discipline. Thank you.” —Email from a Listener in Mexico City, Central America

“Last year, through the Alliance Church’s women’s retreat, I got to know about your books. Nancy, you have helped me tremendously, in terms of getting new perspectives on womanhood and wifehood. Your sharing and godly advice really urged me to pursue the most important goal of my life – to be a godly woman who lives out the will of God in me. Thank you very much.” —Email from Agnes, Toronto, Canada

Talk Easy, Listen Hard is excellent! I like the fact that it is complete—you cover every aspect of communication with how to’s. I have been using it to help me understand and communicate with our daughter as well as my husband. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use your talents to help others understand how God created us so differently but to be able to communicate and work together in harmony.”
—Email from Sherry in Ohio

signing“As I read Talk Easy, Listen Hard, it suddenly dawned on me that my husband and I are unique people with different personalities. I thought we became one the day we said ‘I do.’ But now I understand that we take the same information and process it differently. This book is teaching both of us to consciously think of where the other person is coming from, and to understand and appreciate our difference.  Now we talk things over and come to a solution or decision that both of us understands and can live with.” —Email from Angelina in Pennsylvania

“I have Heart Hope playing as I type this!  Beautiful message in each song!! I am battling breast cancer and severe pain from reconstructive surgery. Your CD is ministering to my soul.” —Email from Donna in Texas

“Nancy provided our school family with many insights and practical applications of truth. On Wednesday and Thursday, Nancy grabbed the attention of our high school and middle school students and the respect of our faculty as she taught a variety of English, Music and Bible classes. Then on Friday, our teachers enjoyed an eight-hour, fast-paced credited course on Personality. She mixed appealing lecture with projects and exercises that our teachers have applied since then in their classrooms. We came away from the day more clearly understanding ourselves, each other and our students. Our faculty appreciated her wit and wisdom. I personally liked the fact that Nancy was willing to flex her agenda to work with our particular needs. You won’t be disappointed in the program she puts together for your school!” — Bill Shuman, Director of Outreach at Oakland Christian School, Michigan

“Thank you for speaking at the Mother-Daughter Retreat. The women and girls had a great time together. I feel the weekend was a success because of your planning and preparing. Activities were fun and the sessions were informative. Thanks for all the effort, it sure showed in the little things you did. The games, sessions, devotions and contests were learning with fun wrapped into every aspect. Your openness and availability for the participants to speak to you was fabulous.” —Donna L. Bauer, Past Activities Director, Victory Valley Camp, Zionsville PA

“You are such a special person and truly add quite a wonderful blessing to the lives of all those you meet. Thank you for being a blessing to my girls and I at our church’s Women’s and Girls’ Conference. If Becky enjoyed herself half as much as the teens did…then the “teen conference” was a huge success. May the Lord continue to bless the two of you in all your endeavors.” —Alison, Baileyville ME

Ministry Leaders:P1040478
“Nancy makes every concept easy to picture and understand.”
“Most valuable was the sound biblical teaching with verses to reference.”
“Nancy created a safe and affirming environment in which the women could do business with God.”
“Her vibrant testimony and teaching style make listening and understanding a pure pleasure.”
“I appreciated the emphasis on taking action, not just on knowing or thinking about God’s truths.”
“I appreciated the low cost—considering all we received.”
“Nancy was willing to flex her agenda to work with our particular needs.”
“The weekend was a success because of Nancy’s extensive planning and preparation.”
“We received exceptional learning with fun wrapped into every aspect.”
“You won’t be disappointed in the program she puts together for you.”

“Hawaiian Islands Ministries was honored to have Nancy as one of our seminar leaders. She was authentic and genuine and gave us just what we asked of her.  Participants felt ‘she had great energy and delivered the Word practically and well,’ ‘she gave live examples,’ and ‘her focus was just where it needed to be.’ Overall we felt she had a profound perspective on relationships and would definitely recommend her for your next event.” —Mary Vinson, Executive Director for Hawaiian Islands Ministries

“The women of Immanuel Leidy’s Church greatly enjoyed and benefited from our weekend retreat with Nancy Sebastian Kuch as our speaker. The time we spent with her will bring lasting fruit, as we have already experienced an increase in our weekly women’s Sunday school class. A post retreat evaluation sheet was given to each that attended with an opportunity for rating her from 1-4, and many were crossed out to insert a 10! The summary of positive comments were to her credit as she was an excellent communicator and very approachable. She made herself available after her teaching sessions to talk or pray with the women, which was so appreciated. We are grateful for Nancy’s Hope 4 Hearts ministry which has given much hope to our women as she shared her own personal story. Nancy is also a soloist and author which is a beautiful addition to her speaking ministry. We highly recommend her.” —Verna Bowman, Women’s Ministry Director, Souderton PA

“We were delighted with the response and information we all gleaned…it was such a positive retreat and time of fellowship with some of the new people in our church. How we thank you for such a wonderful seminar, fellowship and inspiration. I am constantly called to recommend speakers for other ladies’ groups, and you will be suggested. I hope and pray our paths cross again.” —Ethel Hamilton, Church Women’s Council Director

“Nancy, you have showered us with blessings and wisdom this weekend! Thank you for your faithful obedience to the Lord and in sharing your journey with us. You will continue to be on our hearts and in our prayers as you remain in the Potter’s Hands.” —Laurel Notturno, First Friends Church, Canton OH

“Nancy, thank you for sharing your love, your spiritual insights, your vibrant energy and your gift of music. We were truly blessed by your heart for God and women.” —The Women of White Clay Creek Church, Newark DE

“Once again, thank you for coming to our group at Christ Community Church last Saturday. So many have mentioned what an enjoyable day it was with lots of ‘thought/Spirit food’ to take home.” —Beth Ann Smith, Women’s Retreat Planner, Lindenwold NJ

“Nancy, thank you for your wonderful ministry at the PBU Women’s Spiritual Life Day yesterday. Your messages through God’s Word, music, and testimony were a great blessing to all those who were in attendance. May our Lord continue to expand and bless your family and ministry.” —Dr. Sherrill Babb, Past President of Philadelphia Biblical University